Hive Hanging Acoustic Ceiling System

Ceiling design is literally elevated to another dimension with our Hive Hanging Acoustic Ceiling system, a modular, geometrically inspired ceiling system that is fully customisable for horizonal volume and colour configurations.  The Hive system configurations are only limited by your imagination and you can create a truly unique focal point that also improves the room noise levels.  You can combine style and acoustic considerations with the Hive Acoustic Ceiling System.

The Hive Hanging Acoustic Ceiling system can be built as part of a new build or retro-fitted into any interior space. The hexagonal inserts are available either as cut outs or as solid, offering an array of patterns and allowing the system to be configured as open or closed as required.

Product Specifications

Composition:12mm 100% Polyester Fibre
Recycled content: Minimum 75% PET plastics
Recyclability: 100% recyclable

Acoustic NRC Rating: E-87 NRC 0.75 (12mm material)
Calculated to BS EN
ISO 11654:1997

Wide Range of Colours Available

The Hive Hanging Acoustic Ceiling System is available in a range of colours so speak to one of the DecraSound Acoustic experts for a sample.