We are in the business of reducing interior noise. 


At Decrasound, we are in the business of providing people with a more pleasant working and living environment. Our strength comes from our experience working with designers improving the internal spaces in which we interact. As acoustic specialists, we use our skills to provide acoustic solutions around the world. Solutions that are world-leading. From refits and post-build solutions to high profile construction projects in countries from the USA to the Middle East, Thailand to UK & Europe.

We create products that minimise unwanted noise. We create products so you can create designs using acoustic materials that break with tradition and provide architects and interior designers with the flexibility to invent visually stunning areas people want to be in.  

Extensive range to choose from

The Decrasound PET Acoustic Systems are designed to ensure customers have maximum choice of design solutions for interior sound control.  Available in a expansive range of shapes, patterns and colours are:


Trusted Acoustic Partner.

Since 2009 we have been refining our acoustic products to maximise performance. Our experience spans 14 countries and almost every possible interior space imaginable. Experience is everything. Tell us about your project requirements and convert our experience into your ideal solution.