Dimension 3D Panels

Add another dimension to your space.



Let your imagination go wild with DecraSound’s Dimension 3D panels. Lightweight acoustic tiles made from 100% polyester fibre and moulded into a range of visually stunning abstract shapes. Feature walls that are acoustically functional and visually beautiful. The wide range of repeating patterns award designers with the ability to create distinct spaces that significantly reduce unwanted acoustics.


Acoustic Performance

The trend in modern construction is to line ceilings and walls with hard surfaces such as polished stone or glass. These hard surfaces play havoc with reflected sound and reverberation which makes listening difficult and often leaves people feeling uncomfortable. By installing Dimension 3D panels as either a new wall lining or by direct fixing to existing walls, the reduction in unwanted noise can be quite significant. Speak to our experienced team about the possible solution for your project.


Available in a range of colours to suit your design.

Dimension 3D offers interior designers the ability to transform the spaces where people interact. Want surface texture? Dimension 3D range is expanded further offering plain smooth finish or the warmth and tactile nature of felt. Speak to our technical team about your needs and benefit from their experience.