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Innovation in




The beautiful look of with the acoustic performance of Acoustiscreen PET panels.
Decraslat is a new innovation from the DecraSound range. Acousticscreen DecraSlat panels are manufactured from 75% recycled polyester fibre, which is non-toxic, odourless, and has low volatile content. The DecraSlat battens comprise of fire rated MDF covered with high-quality real wood veneers or an economical decorative laminate.

The DECRASLAT range provides both a stylish wood veneer wall or ceiling finish and excellent acoustic control. Boardrooms, convention centres, hotels, entry foyers, schools and universities are common projects for the DecraSlat product.


Acoustic Performance

By incorporating DecraSlat Wall Panels as either a new wall lining or by direct fixing them to existing walls, the reduction in unwanted noise can be quite significant. At some frequencies, up to 95% of sound can be absorbed by utilising Acoustiscreen Panels of appropriate thickness. Low frequency absorption can be increased by installing the panels with an air gap behind them. Speak to our technical team about your project requirements for a tailored solution.


Available in a range of colours to suit your design.

Timeless design,

excellent performance.

The DecraSlat product is an Acoustic Wall Panel System consisting of a

combination of DecraTimber decorative timber wall linings and

Acoustiscreen polyester fibre sound absorbing panels. The DecraSlat

range provides both the stylish wood veneer finish of DecraTimber, and

the excellent acoustic control from the Acoustiscreen backing.

Installation is very economical while achieving a high-quality design,

superb finish and excellent acoustic performance.