Decra Cloud

Decra Clouds & Decra Stars


Decra Cloud and Decra Star acoustic polyester ceiling systems are a range of highly decorative, sound absorbing shapes designed to be suspended from the ceiling or roof.  They provide a unique way to absorb unwanted noise in an interior space. Noise is created when sound is reflected off hard surfaces, and in some rooms or spaces it is not appropriate to install conventional acoustic panels over wall or ceiling linings. This is where hanging acoustic clouds like Decra Clouds and Decra Star can provide a dynamic and effective solution. Available in a variety of shapes, and over 30 colours.

Our range of Decra Clouds and Decra Clouds are an ideal choice for designers and property owners to create a quieter environment while creating a vibrant and exciting interior space.



Product Specifications

Composition: 12mm 100% Polyester Fibre
Recycled content: Minimum 75% PET plastics
Recyclability: 100% recyclable

Acoustic NRC Rating: E-87 NRC 0.75 (12mm material)
Calculated to BS EN
ISO 11654:1997

Colour Selection

Our Decra Wave range is available in over 30 on-trend colours and designed to suit any interior space.