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Acoustiscreen sound absorbing baffles and clouds are a key part of the Decrasound range of internal noise control systems. The systems are designed to provide maximum decorative design flexibility while at the same time significantly improving the sound quality of internal spaces by minimising reverberation.

Lightweight with a range of installation options, Decrasound baffles and clouds when combined with the wider range of Sontext timber, fabric and PET acoustic solutions, ensure our customers have maximum choice of design solutions for interior sound control.


Acoustic Performance

The trend in modern construction is to line ceilings and walls with hard surfaces such as polished stone or glass. These hard surfaces play havoc with reflected sound and reverberation which makes listening difficult and often leaves people feeling uncomfortable. By incorporating Clouds and/or Baffles the reduction in unwanted noise can be quite significant. Speak to our experienced team about the possible solution for your project.


Available in a range of colours to suit your design.

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