Facets Hanging Acoustic Ceiling System

Designed to transform your interior space, our Facets Acoustic Ceiling System creates a visual appeal with its modular organic form and can be customised to your room design. It’s multifaceted, multi-planed cells can be assembled in a multitude of configurations. 

With the enhanced acoustic performance and progressive modularity to fit virtually any office space, multi-purpose space or classroom, Facets is a suspended acoustic ceiling system which creates an amazing design impact.

Product Specifications

Composition:12mm 100% Polyester Fibre
Recycled content: Minimum 75% PET plastics
Recyclability: 100% recyclable

Acoustic NRC Rating: E-87 NRC 0.75 (12mm material)
Calculated to BS EN
ISO 11654:1997

Wide Range of Colours Available

Our range of Facets range is available in a range of colours so speak to one of the DecraSound Acoustic experts for a sample.