Timber Suspended Acoustic System


Given the endless possibilities of varying suspended levels and angles in multiple eye catching colours Timber offers creative freedom in suspended acoustic ceilings.

Timber can be arranged in clusters over workstations defining teams under zoned colouring or stretched across the entire ceiling footprint in any pattern or configuration. Every Timber installation will be unique to the space available giving it that personal touch of creativity.

Product Specifications

Composition: 12mm 100% Polyester Fibre
Recycled content: Minimum 75% PET plastics
Recyclability: 100% recyclable
Medium: 1020mm X 408mm (d)
Large: 2050mm X 408mm (d)

Acoustic NRC Rating: E-87 NRC 0.75 (12mm material)
Calculated to BS EN     ISO 11654:1997


Wide Range of Colours Available

Our range of Timber range is available in a range of colours so speak to one of the DecraSound Acoustic experts for a sample.